Jennifer T.

The first day I met Stephanie she told me to bend over and touch my toes. I laughed. I had not touched by toes since I was in kindergarten. I obliged and bent over. I barely made it past my knees. Stephanie told me not to worry, by the end I would touch the floor. I assumed she meant by the end of my 4 weeks of PT I had because I hurt my back at work. The workout was hard and the stretches had be ready to cry. When we were done with the workout I felt exhausted but better than I had felt in a long time. As I was getting ready to go, Steph told me to bend over again and try to touch the floor. I rolled my eyes a little thinking she just loved to torture me. As I bent over and reached, I realized I could touch the floor. This was only after one session with Stephanie. To some this may seem like no big deal. However, it meant the world to me. It gave me hope my back could heal and I could become better than I once was. The journey has been long and sometimes hopeless, but Stephanie stuck with me the whole time providing encouragement and tips on how to work through the various problems that arose. I am happy to say that my back is almost back to normal. Stephanie and her team not only provide encouragement, but education that makes you smarter and stronger for the future so you don’t hurt yourself again. I highly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy! The team is awesome, well educated, and truly cares.