Group Classes

We strive to offer a well-rounded selection of classes to serve a wide array of needs. 

Pilates is an innovative system of mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs.

 *Indicates Classes recommended as the first class for clients new to the studio

Restorative Reformer Pilates*

Restorative Reformer Pilates focuses on gentle supportive positions with an emphasis on posture, breathing, stabilizing and stretching that allows for a non-stressful workout. This class is a must for patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain. You will leave feeling invigorated, balanced, and refreshed!

Spine Care Reformer Pilates*

This class is designed for people with a history of back pain who are hesitant to return to a life of activity and freedom of movement. This class focuses on proper posture, spinal alignment, core stability, and pain-free movement combined with breathing.

Beginner Reformer Pilates*

This class teaches correct technique to achieve results and prepares you to advance to the next level. Enjoy feeling your breath flow with each movement as you reap the benefits of a great foundation of strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. 

Restorative + Stretch

This class is a full body stretch class using the reformer. In this slow paced class you will learn proper breathing to deepen your stretches.  This is a great class for all levels and for anyone who wants to gain flexibility.

 Cardio Stretch Fusion

The first half of this class is full of high-intensity, heart pumping exercises (mostly involving the jump board) followed in the second half by a full body stretch using the reformer.  The perfect balance of cardio and stretch!

Beginner Plus Reformer Pilates

This class contains the fundamental structure of a Beginner class, but focuses on specific intermediate exercises. This class is designed to gradually prepare you to be confident in the next level of your practice as an intermediate student.

Intermediate Reformer Pilates

This class further challenges you through varied spring resistance, exercise choices, speed of execution and greater demand of balance and muscular endurance. Take this class if you want to heighten your sense of focus, coordination, balance, breathing efficiency, and core strength. 

Magic Circle Weight-Loss Reformer Pilates

This class is designed to strengthen your heart, shed calories, and make you sweat. The class utilizes the Jump Board to tone your glutes, thighs, and calves, and get your heart rate up. Weight-Loss Pilates will leave you feeling like you got an intense cardiovascular workout.

Reformer Pilates SCULPT

Tone, define, and chisel every muscle in your body with this workout. Reformer Pilates Sculpt will utilize the reformer, jump board, free weights, and some Barre moves to give you a total body workout with guaranteed results.

Yogilates Reformer

Yogilates integrates the best of Pilates and yoga into one balanced exercise. Through Yogilates you will improve your fitness, strength, and flexibility & become comfortable with both forms of exercise. Each class is concluded with a deep relaxation session at the end of the class. All levels welcomed. No mat needed.

HOT! Yogilates Reformer

Sweat is just fat crying. The studio is set to 80+ degrees to help warm up the body, get the blood pumping, and help loosen up the muscles, making it easier to get into the flow of the workout. Hot Yogilates is the perfect middle-of-the-road hot class if you’re going to take a hot class at all. The movements are just fast enough that you don’t have time to sit and swelter, but not so fast that a beginner couldn’t crush it. A fusion of heated yoga and pilates on the reformer, you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. No mat needed.

Yogilates Cardio JUMP!

Come and get your jump on! Class will focus on getting the body moving and the heart rate pumping. Be ready to work hard and end the class with deep stretching and breathing on the reformer. No mat needed.

The Basics + Stretch

This class will incorporate basic Pilate’s exercises followed with time to stretch out any tight muscles. A perfectly classical Pilate’s class. ENJOY!

Hatha Yoga / Yoga: All Levels

Join us for this grounding yoga class. Connect the mind, body and spirit by incorporating breathing techniques and physical poses. We will end the class with a short meditation time that will leave you feeling rested and renewed.

***Please bring a yoga mat with you to class***

Yin Yoga

Join us for a quiet lengthening and strengthening yoga class. This class will focus on holding poses longer to nourish tight muscles and joints. Perfect to help quiet the mind while getting a full body stretch. All levels are welcome.

***Please bring a yoga mat with you to class***

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Join us for a high energy vinyasa yoga class! Using the breath to flow from pose to pose. This class will offer a variety of modifications and variations to accommodate all levels. Be ready to get the body moving and the heart pumping.

***Please bring a yoga mat with you to class***

 *Indicates Classes recommended as the first class for clients new to the studio