Honey Almond Flax Healthy Granola

Over the weekend, I made this delicious granola recipe from Well Plated and wanted to share with you all. I’m making 2020 all about health and wellness, especially being mindful of what I put in my body. Try it out and enjoy! Also, check out the full post and recipe from Well Plated via theContinue reading “Honey Almond Flax Healthy Granola”

Meet Our New Therapist – Bridget Bates

Bridget Bates, PT, DPT, is a graduate of the St. Louis University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.  She has been practicing in orthopedics and sports related injuries utilizing manual therapy techniques and individualized exercise programs to assist patients in achieving their goals and minimize the risk of re-injury. Through studies with the Herman and WallaceContinue reading “Meet Our New Therapist – Bridget Bates”

You do WHAT??….WHERE?!

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy? A non-surgical approach to the rehabilitation of dysfunctions in the pelvis that contribute to bowel, bladder, sexual health, and pain complaints. Approaches to your treatment may include manual therapies, modalities, behavioral and relaxation strategies, therapeutic exercise, education, and functional re-training. Common issues treated in Pelvic Rehab: Pelvic pain Pain withContinue reading “You do WHAT??….WHERE?!”

Breathing Easy | Meditation

Sit comfortably and relax, and bring your awareness to your breathing. As you breathe out naturally dissolve and let go of all the negative energy you wish to be free from. As you breathe in, allow the breath to naturally and effortlessly fill you with the positive qualities you want to be energized by. AllowContinue reading “Breathing Easy | Meditation”

Pelvic Floor Misconceptions with Bridget Bates, DPT

By: Bridget Bates, DPT The only people needing to see a Pelvic PT are women after childbirth. Wrong! Pelvic floor therapy can help men and women experiencing a big variety of symptoms: urinary incontinence, difficulties in urination, bowel incontinence, constipation, abdominal pain, low back/SI pain, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain or coccyx pain, vaginal or rectalContinue reading “Pelvic Floor Misconceptions with Bridget Bates, DPT”

Welcome to our New Website

It’s been an exciting summer full of amazing weather, uplifting meditation, and energizing pilates sessions. Looking ahead to fall and winter, we will be continuing to host special events & workshops and our popular group classes – join us, and bring a friend or make some new ones at class! As the season is changing,Continue reading “Welcome to our New Website”