The Best Natural DIY Cleaning Supplies

We all want a fresh and clean home but using harsh chemicals is not always safe and healthy for your family and pets. Plus, the smell of harsh chemical products is anything but refreshing and relaxing. The key to great smelling and safe/effective cleaning supplies is essential oils. We at Refresh love essential oils. Not only do they smell amazing, but many of them offer antibacterial properties as well that make cleaning your home easy. 

Here are 4 of our go to natural cleaning products you can make for your home. 

1.) Citrus Infused Vinegar

This can be perfect for disinfecting surfaces and it leaves a fresh smelling citrus scent for the kitchen counter tops. 

To make, add 2 lemon peels, 1 orange peel, and 1 lime peel to a spray bottle. Let diffuse for 2 weeks. Remove the peels and enjoy your fresh smelling cleaner. 

2.) Carpet Deodorizer 

1 cup baking soda 

½ cup cornstarch

 5 drops of essential oils ( Wild Orange or Lemon Grass are perfect )

Let sit for 30 minutes then vacuum up 

If you have any pets in your home and they love to lay on the carpets then this cleaner is for you. It is safe to use in a home with children and pets with natural non toxic ingredients and it vacuums up perfectly. You do not need to worry about any excess dust being left on the carpet. The combination of the baking soda and the oil leaves a clean refreshing smell that is sure to make any home feel fresh and clean. 

3.) Marble Countertop Cleaner

¼ c vodka

2 ¾ cup distilled watered 

½ tsp lavender oil

⅛ tsp tea tree oil

Perfect to prevent streaks on the counter top and the lack of acidity is perfect for sensitive marble. This is the perfect all purpose spray for stove tops, counters, and wooden tables.

4.) Microwave Cleaner 

¼ cup white vinegar

1 cup warm water 

¼ tsp lemon juice 

Combine ingredients. Heat for 4 minutes. Be careful of the temperature, using a towel dip in mixture and wipe remaining stains and splatter rom the microwave surface. 

Microwaves are one of the hardest appliances to clean. It can be time consuming and oftentimes we still miss little crevices. This easy time saving microwave cleaning hack is created with safe natural ingredients that will not cause harm if accidentally consumed. 

Every two weeks  I do a huge deep clean of my home. Everything gets disinfected, sanitized, sheets get washed, the carpet gets a scrub, the floors get mopped, and the bathroom gets a cleanliness makeover. All 5 of these cleaning products are my favorite to use. Lets all keep a clean happy home.

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