Self-Care Gift for Mother’s Day

Spring is upon us and this year is already flying by. Mother’s Day is only a few weekends away and it is time to shower our mothers with love and appreciation for all that they do for us. What is better than the gift of self-care? There are plenty of relaxing gifts to give that she will love. Gift giving does not have to be overwhelming or stressful, we made this gift guide to spark some ideas on ways to show some love and appreciation for everything our mothers do for us each and everyday.

Top 3 best gifts for self-care that your mom will love!

  1. Massage

A massage is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. The calming smells of essential oils, the release of tension through caring touch, and the time spent to relax and disconnect form the stress of everyday life. What could be better? We are offering a BOGO 25% off our amazing and relaxing massages. Our moms work so hard throughout the year taking care of us, take care of her this Mother’s Day. This certificate can be used at any time.

We are currently offering a massage special with hot towels and soothing essential oils.

  • 60-minute massage $80
  • 90-minute massage $110

Call our studio today to purchase a gift certificate.

2. Face masks

One of the most relaxing and spa like treatments you can do at home is face masks. They are easy, affordable, and fun. There are plenty of places to get face masks from and there are several great recipes for you to make your own.

My favorite places to shop for face masks include Target, Amazon, and Sephora. They have plenty of options for hydration, skin firming, acne fighting, and exfoliating.

Two of my go to homemade face masks recipes are below.

3. A gift certificate for yoga or pilates

Does your mother love her time in our studio? We offer a wide variety of gift certificates that can be used to purchase class passes or merchandise from our studio. Our schedule offers wide variety of classes that fit the needs of all individuals. No matter your fitness level their is something for everyone.

Yoga is extremely calming, we often times associate yoga with meditation and a sense of relaxation. This is true many yoga classes especially those focused on meditation and breathe work can be extremely calming and de-stressing. Pilates is also a great form of stress relief, it allows for mindful movement. The sessions includes heart pumping exercises that focus on movement with intention to strengthen muscle and create stabilization throughout the body. It also releases happy hormones and leaves individuals feeling renewed and refreshed.

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