4 Realistic Goals To Set For The New Year

The clock does not magically reset on the 1st of January every year despite how much we wish it would. Year after year it seems that people set very unrealistic goals for themselves that are quickly abandoned by March.

  1. Take time to focus on yourself

Spend some time each day doing something just for you. It could be something as simple as going for a walk or sitting on the couch watching an episode of your favorite TV show. You could even spend an hour once a week getting your nails done. Just make sure to press pause on all the things happening around you and to make time for yourself. As most of us learned in 2020 burnout is real and it is important to prioritize time for just you.

2. Incorporate movement into your daily routine

Take the focus off of weight loss and instead focus on incorporating more movement into your daily routine. Prioritize standing for at least 10 minutes at least once for every 9-12 hours a day. Wake up a 30 minutes earlier and take a stroll around the neighborhood before work or if you work from home grab a quick15 minute walk in between meeting to clear your head. Take the stairs rather than the elevator at work, you  not only get more personal space, but you also get some physical activity in so it’s a win. No matter what you decide to do prioritize movement in your day-to-day routine, the more often you do it the more likely it is that it will become an everyday habit.

3. Appreciate the little things in life

Write down 1 or 2 simple things that made your day or put a smile on your face. Maybe your coworker took out the trash for you at the end of the day. Maybe your significant other scraped the snow off your car. Maybe your coffee tasted extra strong this morning and it gave you the much-needed boost to get through the day. Whatever it may be, focus on the little things that make each day better.

4. Learn a new skill

Trying new and exciting things does not have to break the bank. There are plenty of budget friendly ways to try something new. We live in a society dominated by social media and technology. There are hundreds of videos online that can teach you any skill you want to learn. If you live in the cold weather climate try to learn how to knit. Not only is this a fun way to pass time during the winter months, it can also provide you with some new super cute winter accessories. Try your hand at baking or cooking a favorite meal from a restaurant. I guarantee you not only will your tummy be full of good food; your heart will also be filled with plenty of laughter and fun memories.

Just set a positive intention going into 2021 to focus on the important things in life. Peace out 2020 – Cheers to a brighter 2021

With Love


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