Breathing Easy | Meditation

Sit comfortably and relax, and bring your awareness to your breathing. As you breathe out naturally dissolve and let go of all the negative energy you wish to be free from. As you breathe in, allow the breath to naturally and effortlessly fill you with the positive qualities you want to be energized by. Allow the breath to fill you as a natural reflex to the deep exhalation.

Think of a word that reflects the quality you wish to be filled with — relaxing, harmonizing, balancing, energizing, peace, patience, for example. See this particular quality as luminous energy which rises within you as you inhale, filling and flowing through you, completely permeating your mind-body. Allow this light-energy to dissolve all your negative states of mind, tension, or pain. Allow the natural vitality of life to awaken within you.

As you exhale, say to yourself “dissolving,” “melting,” “releasing,” or “letting go.” Feel the tensions, thoughts, cares, and painful states of mind-body flow out of you and melt away. Emphasize the long, slow exhalation, then allow the inhalation to come naturally, effortlessly.

Place your hands on your belly and quietly breathe in and out. Allow your belly to gently rise and fall as the breath follows through you.

After a few minutes, as the breath naturally fills your belly, allow it to rise up to the center of your chest and fill you as though a bubble of breath were filling you from within. Exhale through an imaginary hole in the center of your chest and allow your heart to open.

Breathing into your hands… bringing the air up to fill your heart… opening the heart … exhaling… opening and letting go.

By: Taylor Brown, CYT | From: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness

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